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  • From just 13,000 tons in 1994, Indicaa is proud to have crossed the milestone of One Million Tons in trading volumes for the calendar year 2014.

  • Though there exists no official data base for this industry and trade, Indicaa believes that having achieved a Million Tons volume in containerized trade of recyclables, it is probably the largest company in the world in its trade.

  • Indicaa is one of the world’s largest organisation in the trade of containerised recyclables in terms of geographical spread of business. Spanning over six continents, Indicaa’s Procurement covers 97 cities / ports across 44 countries. Similarly Indicaa’s Sales is spread over 63 cities / ports across 16 countries. Thus, the total global coverage of Indicaa’s business spans across 160 cities / ports covering 60 countries

  • A look at the graph below demonstrates how Indicaa’s volumes have grown exponentially over the years.

  • Growth in volumes has naturally led to increased revenue. From just US$ 3 million annual revenue in 1994, Indicaa came close to the US$ 500 Million mark in 2008. After a dip in 2008 due to the global recession, Indicaa is again on track to achieve revenue of over US$ 500 Million in 2015.

  • Under Vision 2020, Indicaa’s target for annual revenue is US$ One Billion by consolidating its position in the scrap metal trade and adding new products in the recycling and commodities trade.

  • Today Indicaa is the world’s largest transnational in containerized scrap metal trade. No company in the world handles as many containers as Indicaa does, a fact that has been acknowledged by several leading shipping lines with whom Indicaa works. The following graph demonstrates this achievement.

  • In 2014 Indicaa handled in excess of 40,000 containers. Under “Vision 2020”, the company aims to handle close to 100,000 containers annually, shipping various recyclables and commodities across the globe.

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