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Quality Policy

Indicaa's quality policy is summed up in the acronym WYCIWYD (WHAT YOU COMMIT IS WHAT YOU DELIVER). The world of recyclable raw material poses great challenges when it comes to quality, because there are no established standards or parameters, viz a viz buying a consumer product. The best a company can do is to ensure that the product supplied by them is true to the commitment they made to the client. This is what Indicaa believes in and this is what sets it apart from other players in the market.

To achieve this, Indicaa has employed an army of skilled and trained professional to inspect each and every container that is bought by Indicaa.

Indicaa's pursuit of excellence goes beyond the product it trades in. The company believes in ultimate satisfaction of all the stakeholders through following means:

  • Using top-class shipping lines to ensure timely and error-free delivery.

  • Dual weighing of all containers of accuracy.

  • Support discharge-port inspection with its own load-port inspection.

  • Provide photographs of cargo in the containers

  • Indicaa has its own quality manual which clearly specifies the "DO's & DON'T's of Quality" for all its procurement and inspection personnel.

  • Nurture "ALL WEATHER" relationship with suppliers, not just "FAIR WEATHER" ties.

  • Ensure prompt payments to suppliers as cash is king in the world of recyclables.

  • Provide quality documentation under various payment instruments like Letters of Credit.

  • Commitment to its bankers, be it in terms of volume of business or utilization of working capital.

  • Assure its shipping lines that their containers are returned back safe and sound, once the consignment has been discharged.

  • Providing motivation with a human touch to all Indicaa employees, besides on-the-job-appreciation, and social & religious celebrations.

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